Annexation/Incorporation Case Study

PROJECT: Incorporation Study - Village of Wellington
DESCRIPTION: Analysis of the costs and benefits obtained from incorporating the Wellington area into a new municipality. Included in this project was a community based visioning process to identify the desired Levels of Service for the community, services to be provided and levels of taxation and fees that were acceptable.
PROJECT: Annexation/Incorporation Studies Broward County
DESCRIPTION: Completed the evaluation and updates for various unincorporated areas of Broward County. Duties included financial evaluations and projections, identification of possible future funding sources, establishment of levels of service, preliminary budget and staffing projections. Comparisons were conducted of the adjacent municipalities (financial, lifestyle, planning issues) and the long term impacts of the unincorporated areas (1) staying unincorporated, (2) being annexed into an adjacent municipality, or (3) incorporating in to a city. Projects were completed on time and within budget.

Completed four different and distinct studies where PMGA was the prime contractor. These studies were for; North Area, Riverland Area, Southwest Ranches and United Ranches.

Completed financial analysis for other Broward County studies that included: Pine Island Ridge Area and the North Central Area.
PROJECT: Tequesta Annexation Scenarios
DESCRIPTION: Evaluated three possible scenarios for unincorporated areas to be annexed into the Village of Tequesta. The study assessed the potential costs, infrastructure improvement needs, service levels and revenues needed. The effects on the budgetary process, staffing requirements equipment needs and all capital costs were identified for the three areas.
PROJECT: Annexation Studies City of Boca Raton
DESCRIPTION: Completes evaluations that include; revenue and expense projections, capital improvements, staffing requirements, levels of service and the identification of future funding sources. The City considered four different scenarios, for four different areas and their individual and total impacts on the municipality. These four areas were annexed into the city limits in the fall of 2003 and at present other areas are under consideration for 2004 and the future.
PROJECT: Annexation Study - City of Largo
DESCRIPTION: Completed evaluation of various unincorporated areas of Pinellas County, Florida that the City was interested in annexing. Duties included financial evaluations and projections, identification of possible future funding sources, evaluation of current levels of service and establishment of future levels of service, preliminary budget and staffing projections. The potential annexation area was sub-divided into six different and distinct areas and were evaluated individually and as a whole. Project was completed on time and within budget.
PROJECT: Annexation Study – City of North Lauderdale, Florida
DESCRIPTION: The City of North Lauderdale, Florida requested an impact and financial evaluation for unincorporated areas (Broadview Estates, Pompano Park and adjacent properties) which abut the City. Duties included revenue projections, identification of possible future funding sources, establishment of levels of service, and staffing projections. Responsibilities included presentations to the City Council, County Legislative Delegation and the completion of the “House Committee on Local Government - 2002 Economic Impact Statement” for the next State Legislative session. Project was completed on time and within budget.

PROJECT:  City of Hialeah Annexation Study, Hialeah, Florida

DESCRIPTION:  Analysis of the economic impacts of potential annexation of an area into the City of Hialeah.  The analysis included an evaluation of the services provided by the City and the projections of increased use of resources to serve the area to be annexed.  The incremental revenue generated from the annexed area was evaluated to insure that the City did not incur a deficit.

PROJECT:  City of Miami Springs Annexation Study, Miami Springs, Florida

DESCRIPTION:  This analysis of potential annexation included the evaluation of the incremental costs and revenues from several potential areas for annexation.  The relative benefits to potential annexation residents derived from other neighboring communities as well as remaining unincorporated were examined.

PROJECT:  City of Hialeah Gardens Annexation Study, Hialeah Gardens, Florida

DESCRIPTION:  Tasks for this project included the determination of the requirements of service delivery from the City to the annexed area.  The analysis focused on each department and the increased personnel and resources required.  Offsetting the additional costs were revenue from the area which were measured and delineated.

Hialeah Gardens

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