Financial Analysis/Fees Planning Case study

PROJECT: Growth Model and Impact Fee Study,
City of Titusville, Florida
DESCRIPTION: This project will determine the impact that growth will have on the financial position of the City of Titusville. As new areas develop and also are annexed into the existing City, services must be provided at the current levels and future growth patterns must be anticipated. Current levels of services must be identified and future projections of capital, operating expenditures and staffing needs must also be addressed. In concert with these tasks, will be an up-to-date Impact Fee Study to address the goals established by the City Manager and senior staff.
PROJECT: Parks and Recreation Fee Study – Village of Wellington
DESCRIPTION: A historical and current review of the fees and policies for all facilities and programs. A comparison with surrounding municipalities was conducted. This study allowed the Village to assess their standing in the surrounding competitive market and evaluate their existing fee structure.
PROJECT: North Lauderdale Building and Planning Fee Study
DESCRIPTION: This analysis was designed to evaluate the Planning and Building Permit Fees in the City of North Lauderdale to determine the appropriate level for these levies. The basis for this analysis was an evaluation based on fees in surrounding communities as well as the actual cost to deliver the service. Any fees found to be at improper levels (either too high or too low), were identified. Recommendations for adjustments to the fees were also provided.
PROJECT: Collier County Building Permit Fees, Collier County, Florida
DESCRIPTION: Development of a rate structure for the fees to issue a building permit and the required inspections. The analysis centered on a determination of the actual costs required to provide the service. Additional concerns included the analysis and development of a fee structure for Contractor’s Licenses.
PROJECT: Fort Lauderdale Building Permit Fees, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
DESCRIPTION: The analysis of the Building Permit Fee system included the determination of the costs associated with issuing a permit and inspecting the actual work. This analysis included the review of the process and measurement of all steps in the process and the time required to complete the tasks.
PROJECT: Analysis of Bahia Mar Lease and Development Opportunities, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
DESCRIPTION: The goals of the analysis are to (1) provide a comparative analysis of current industry standards and the existing lease for the Bahia Mar site, (2) provide an analysis of the existing lease to determine what revenues and public benefits the City will receive throughout the remainder of the lease (year 2062), (3) an analysis of redevelopment, lease and public use opportunities/options for the current site that would yield the highest and best use while considering public benefits such as the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and (4) to provide a suggested Phasing Plan for redevelopment of the site to maximize value to the City. This analysis plan will include public purpose and revenue.
PROJECT: Beach Renourishment Assessment Analysis, Hillsboro Beach, Florida
DESCRIPTION: Development of an equitable process to assess property owners for the costs associated with a beach renourishment project. The assessment was based on the impact of each property and the benefits received.
PROJECT: Analysis of Funding Options, Miami-Dade MPO
DESCRIPTION: Researched the funding sources and level of commitment for existing programs for the Miami-Dade MPO. The analysis was used to identify sources for pedestrian and bikeway corridors throughout the county. The program included the development of alternatives sources and combination of funds to secure expanded funding options. A report that outlined the potential funding from various sources and an analysis of the methods to leverage funding through use of recreation and transportation grants as well as The People’s Transportation Trust funds. Proposed the establishment of a consortium of municipalities to further leverage funding.

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