Minority Certifications

  • Sacramento
    • California Department of Transportation
      • State Minority Woman Business Enterprise
      • California Unified Certification Program Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
  • Fort Lauderdale
    • Broward County Governmental Center
      • Community Disadvantaged Business Enterprise-Small Business Enterprise
    • North Broward Hospital District Office of Supplier Diversity
      • Minority Business Enterprise
  • Miami-Dade
    • Department of Business
      • Micro/ Small Business Enterprise
  • Tallahassee
    • Florida Department of Transportation
      • Disadvantage Business Enterprise
    • Office of Supplier Diversity
  • Atlanta
    • Georgia Department of Transportation
      • Uniform Certification Disadvantaged Business Enterprise.
  • Topeka
    • Office of Civil Rights Division of Administration-Department of Transportation
      • Disadvantage Business Enterprise.
North Carolina
  • Durham
    • City of Durham
      • Woman/Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
  • Greensboro
    • City of Greensboro
      • Minority & Women Business Enterprise Program
  • Raleigh
    • City of Raleigh
      • Minority/Women-Owned Business Enterprise
  • Greenville
    • City of Greenville
      • Minority Women Business Enterprise
  • State of North Carolina
    • State of North Carolina
      • Business Assistance Program Minority & Women Owned Business
    • N.C. Department of Transportation Contractual Services Section
      • Disadvantage Business Enterprise
    • North Carolina Department of Administration Office for Historically Underutilized Businesses
      • Historically Underutilized Business Program
South Carolina
  • State of South Carolina
    • South Carolina Department of Transportation
      • Disadvantage Business Enterprise
  • State of Tennessee-Department of Transportation
    • Uniform Certification Program-Minority Business Enterprise and Women Business Enterprise
  • City of Knoxville-Women Business Enterprise
  • Department of Minority Business Enterprise
    • Small, Women-and/or Minority- Owned Business
PMGA is Certified
PMGA is certified in numerous locations across the nation. Whether certified by State, County, or City Agencies, PMGA offers the same outstanding quality in all of the services they provide.


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