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Transit Operator Performance Monitoring Services, Miami-Dade County
The firm is responsible for the monitoring and review of the performance of the transit bus operators in Miami-Dade County. This review is intended to determine the compliance with ADA and other Federal requirements for the service of mobility disadvantaged citizens as well as the general public. Quarterly reviews are conducted to determine the percentage of compliance.
Brevard County HOME Consortium, Five Year Consolidated Plan, Brevard County
Our responsibilities will be to complete the 5-year Consolidated Plan for a consortium of municipalities and the County to meet the requirements of HUD for participation in the annual funding process. The project includes an analysis of demand for housing and methods to eliminate barriers to affordable housing.
Redevelopment Plan for the 79th Street Corridor, Miami-Dade County
The drafting of a Redevelopment Plan for the area is designed to eliminate blighted conditions and to promote economic activity. PMGA is preparing the Plan to meet State legislation and to provide a blueprint for future growth of the community.
Annexation Studies, Boca Raton
Our role is to evaluate the potential annexation of nine separate areas into the City of Boca Raton. This evaluation includes the determination of the revenues generated by the areas and the additional costs that will be incurred after annexation. The revenue analysis included the measurement of the increased taxes and fees that will be attributable to the properties located in the area. Expenses require an evaluation of the needs of the various departments and the costs associated with this new level of service.
Lease Negotiations, Bahia Mar, Fort Lauderdale
PMGA is assisting the City of Fort Lauderdale in renegotiating the lease on city-owned property at the Bahia Mar marina and other commercial uses. The goal is to maximize the revenue generated from the leases after allowing for redevelopment of the site. The analysis on the City’s behalf includes return on investment and other fiscal evaluations.
Past News
Assessment Program, Beach Renourishment Costs, Hillsboro Beach
PMGA developed a program to allocate the costs of beach sand renourishment to property owners in this seaside community. The process included finding of a “nexus” between the benefits received and the assessment on an individual basis. The project included the preparation of an Assessment Roll that is used to assign the costs to each property.
Feasibility Analysis, Paralympics Track Meet, Miramar, Florida
PMGA prepared an analysis of the feasibility of hosting the 2010 Paralympics Track Meet to be held at the Ansin Sports Complex in the City of Miramar. This analysis included a determination of the benefits to the community from this event and other similar.
Broward County Code Services Division
PMGA is conducting a review of the fees charged by Broward County for the issuance of Contractors licenses and for Elevator installation and inspection. The principal that is followed is this procedure is to determine the actual cost to provide the service and insure that the fees recover those costs.

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