Public Involvement Case study

PROJECT: State of Florida High Speed Rail Project
DESCRIPTION: Part of the High Speed Rail Team in Florida. Duties included informing the public regarding this project on the benefits of a high speed rail corridor in Florida. The corridor was planned to run from Tampa through Orlando and then south to Miami, Florida. Responsible for public input and the scheduling of meeting throughout the area. Duties included; securing and scheduling a meeting location, gathering all information for an up-to-date data base of public officials, homeowners/condominium owners groups, public service groups and interested individuals. Public notification was also a large part of the duties.
PROJECT: Community Visioning Session, City of Lighthouse Point, Florida
DESCRIPTION: Conducted a Visioning Session for the City that brought together citizens from throughout the City. The session sought the input of the public to determine the needs of the community and methods of solving the issues. As moderators of the session PMGA, was responsible for the organization of the session and leading group and break-out discussions. The final report offered a blueprint for the direction of the City.
PROJECT: Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department (WASD), Miami, Florida
DESCRIPTION: Four projects have been undertaken for the Department. The first was to conduct six focus groups of customers of the WASD at different locations throughout Miami-Dade County. All sessions were conducted in English, Spanish and Creole. Discussion subjects ranged from satisfaction with services to possible new programs that the Department could offer. The second phase of this project was a survey of customers who called the department to obtain information or to lodge a complaint. The third phase of the project was a system -wide survey of customers to obtain their insights into their satisfaction with the department, whether there is a market for new proposed department services (water audits, etc.) and knowledge of conservation issues. The last part of the project was in-depth interviews with large users to ascertain their opinions on service delivery and possible improvements that the Department could be make to improve their business relationship.
PROJECT: Central Palm Beach County Transportation Corridor Study
DESCRIPTION: As part of the team with PB World, responsibilities included public outreach and involvement, various tasks for the Project Advisory Committee (PAC), preparation and coordination of distribution of materials, and arrangements for public meeting facilities and the preparation of summaries of all minutes and comments from those meetings.
PROJECT: Assessment of the West Palm Beach Police Department Community Relations and Interactions, West Palm Beach, Florida
DESCRIPTION: Project included stakeholder interviews for the perceptions of the public regarding the Police Department. A community involvement focus group was held for all citizens. Duties included the securing of the meeting place, list of possible stakeholders for both the group and interviews. The end result was a report outlining the results of the public involvement activities.
PROJECT: Broward County Transit Master Plan – Broward County, Florida
DESCRIPTION: Developed the Public Participation process for the Broward County Transit Master Plan. Development of passenger profiles and demographics of Broward County Transit passengers by the “mode” of the rolling stock (buses, minibuses, vans, etc) was also undertaken. Data collection and database preparation was being completed for various passenger surveys. Another of the responsibilities during the engagement was the “rolling community focus groups” throughout the County. Tasks included contacting of agencies and sites to hold the public participation sessions, coordination with those agencies and individuals and distribution of posters to community groups and organizations to advertise the meetings. Responsible for developing and conducting two surveys; Community/telephone and on-board. The on-board surveys of passengers concentrated on the service issues of the Transportation Department to determine if the service provided best met the needs of the public. The community survey was conducted by telephone of the general public to determine their attitudes toward mass transit, as a means to increase rider-ship and ascertain other data necessary to properly plan for the future and expand the use of the system. Calculated and validated sample sizes, designed the questionnaires, conducted and supervised survey personnel, data entry and tabulation, analysis of the results and report development and preparation. The survey results were later reallocated to smaller planning areas to assess the information on a sub-regional basis. Information impacting several communities was extracted to analyze the routing and service issues for those communities.

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