Public Opinion Survey/Polling Case Study

PROJECT: Boca Raton Police Departmentó Boca Raton, Florida
DESCRIPTION: A city-wide survey was conducted to ascertain the public's perception, satisfaction and awareness of programs and personnel. Information was obtained regarding interaction with officers, crime level in various neighborhoods, and identification of public concerns. Respondents were offered the opportunity to provide specific feedback regarding interaction with officers, and suggest opportunities for improvement.
PROJECT: Public Opinion Surveys, City of Coral Springs
DESCRIPTION: Analysis of public opinion regarding provision of services to citizens in the City of Coral Springs. Over seventeen surveys have been conducted over the past two years regarding issues such as: (1) governmental services, (2) Police Department issues, (3) development of hotel and convention center activities, (4) business development, (5) recreation and other civic concerns, (6) residential and business recycling issues.
PROJECT: Florida Memorial College, Miami, Florida
DESCRIPTION: Completed a survey of households with school-aged children to determine perceptions and attitudes regarding historically black colleges, and well as their attitudes towards higher education institutions and programs. This survey was conducted in the two largest counties in Florida.

PROJECT: Utility Customer Satisfaction Survey, Kissimmee Utility Authority, Kissimmee, Florida

DESCRIPTION: Conducted a comprehensive telephone survey of Kissimmee Utility Authority customers, which included all cross sections of the customer base.  Topics surveyed included: satisfaction with the services received, the need for other services in the future, and measurement of trust and honesty of the utility as a whole, and its employees. As the population of the area was approximately 48% Spanish speaking, a bi-lingual staff was employed to conduct the surveys in the person’s native language.  A report detailing the perceptions and future needs of the customers was completed.


PROJECT: Tampa Bay Water, Clearwater, Florida

DESCRIPTION: Conducted assessments of customer service perceptions and levels of service for the service area of Tampa Bay Water.  This area encompassed three counties in West Florida.  The process included delineating the service area, as not all of the three counties are served by the Client. This project consisted of a survey of 1,500 customers, divided into geographically and statistically valid sub-areas.  Customers were requested to assess; satisfaction with services, attitude and opinions about the Agency=s ability to meet future needs, level of knowledge of services provided and public perception of the Agency. Results were reported by County, Municipal retail customer franchise and other appropriate cross tabulations and demographics.  Improved communication with customers, improved knowledge and recognition of the Agency – its goals and mission (Public Awareness Program) and improved service delivery.


PROJECT: Charter Schools – Various areas throughout the USA

DESCRIPTION: Charter School Surveys – These surveys measured the interest of households with pre-school and school-age children who would have an interest in sending their child(ren) to a charter school.  Duties entailed the determination of area to be surveyed, the determination of sample size for the specific population, survey development, the specific areas of interests/conduct of the students and parents, conducting the surveys, data collection and processing, report, cross-tabulations and presentation of results.  These surveys have been successfully completed in Texas, New York and Florida

  • Houston, Texas
  • Bridgewater (Orange County), Florida
  • Summerport (Seminole County), Florida
  • Aventura, Florida
  • North Lauderdale, Florida
  • Miami, Florida
  • Cape Coral, Florida
  • Homestead, Florida
  • South Florida Technical, Miramar, Florida
  • St. Cloud, Florida
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Parkland, Florida
  • Hialeah Gardens, Florida
  • West Dade, Florida
  • Plantation, Florida
  • Miramar, Florida
  • Orange/Ulster Counties, New York
  • Coral Springs, Florida
  • North Fort Myers, Florida
  • Bonita Springs, Florida
  • Hollywood, Florida
  • Gateway (Lee County), Florida
  • 6 Mile (Lee County), Florida
  • Village of Miami Shores, Florida
  • City of Palm Bay, Florida

PROJECT: City-Wide Survey of Residents, Pompano Beach, Florida

DESCRIPTIONCompleted a city-wide survey of residents that measured the concerns, perceptions and satisfaction with the delivery of services.  Examined were: overall satisfaction with city services and programs, interactions with city staff, performance of city government, public works, public safety and fire/EMS services.  The results allowed the city to start planning for increasing future residential/customer satisfaction.

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PROJECT: Santa Paula Police Department, Santa Paula, California

DESCRIPTION: A city-wide survey was conducted to ascertain the public’s perception, satisfaction and awareness of programs and personnel.  Information was obtained regarding interaction with officers, crime level in various locations, and identification of public concerns.  Increased understanding of public perceptions, identification of potential problem areas, and feedback from citizens which will be used for future planning and program development.  PMGA is the prime contractor. Project was on-time and on-budget.

police car

PROJECT: County-Wide Surveys of Residents and Businesses, Seminole County, Florida

DESCRIPTION: Currently completing a telephone budget and prioritization of services surveys for Seminole County Florida.  This project consists of two parts; one that encompasses the residents of the County and the second part that is a survey of the businesses in the County.  All respondents were requested to rank various services by utilization, importance and use of County funds.


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