Transportation Planning Case study

Client: Broward County Transit – Broward County Commission
DESCRIPTION: Responsible for two surveys (Community/telephone and on-board). Calculated and validated sample sizes, designed questionnaire, conducting and supervision of survey personnel, data entry, tabulations, analysis and report. The on-board surveys of passengers concentrated on the service issues of the Transit Division to determine if the service provided best met the needs of the public. The community survey was conducted by telephone of the general public to determine their attitudes toward transit, means to increase rider-ship and other data necessary to properly plan for the future and expand the use of the system. The survey results were later reallocated to smaller planning areas to assess the information on a sub-regional basis. Information impacting several communities was extracted to analyze the routing and service issues for those communities.
PROJECT: Economic Impact Study— Manchester Airport,
New Hampshire
DESCRIPTION: The economic impact of this regional airport was studied to determine the influence on the surrounding three state areas. The RIIMS Model was used to estimate the secondary impacts of the airport activities. Both passenger and cargo operations were focused on, and the analysis included industry segmentation and calculated employment, salaries, and total throughput. This study was completed in 2003.
PROJECT: Airport Development Plan Definition 2005 – General Aviation Activity Analysis, Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport
DESCRIPTION: This engagement will consist of the assessment of the existing levels of GA activity at GA airports (7) in the three counties of South Florida. Profiles will include facility overviews, current activity levels, breakdown of operations, available airside and landside capacity, restrictions on operations and other items.
PROJECT: Massachusetts Port Authority
DESCRIPTION: This Economic Impact Study focused on three facilities: Airport Properties (Boston-Logan International Airport and Hanscom Field), Port Properties (Maritime Properties of the Authority and the rest of the Port of Boston, Business Development Properties), and Tobin Memorial Bridge. PMGA’s roles and responsibilities included conducting the surveys and economic impact modeling for Airport Properties, Business Development Properties (excluding fish processing facilities), and the Tobin Memorial Bridge. The objective was to estimate the impact of the above facilities on the local economy.
PROJECT: Development of Socioeconomic Projections for the Alabama and Florida portions of US 231
DESCRIPTION: Developed socioeconomic growth forecasts for the US 231 project corridor, to the TAZ level to determine influences on traffic patterns in these two states through the year 2035. Also reviewed for reasonableness and consistency of the latest socioeconomic forecasts for Alabama and Florida, which were available from City and County planners, economic development officers and planning authorities. The data was used to assess and establish growth patterns and trends. Factors considered included forecasts of households, population, employment and other variables.
PROJECT: Long-Range Transportation Plan Collier and Lee Counties, Florida
DESCRIPTION: Projection of demographic and economic factors related toward the future traffic patterns and demands of the region. The projections were completed for each TAZ within each county through the year 2035. The factors were related to the impacts generated on the roadway system and the need for additional improvements on the State Roadway system as well as local arterials. Transit impacts were also considered in the projections for the future.
PROJECT: Economic Impact Studies, International Airports
DESCRIPTION: Completed the determination of the economic impact of the international airport focusing on both passenger and cargo operations. The analysis included use of the RIIMS II Model to estimate the secondary impacts of the activities. The analysis measured the impact by industry segment and calculated employment, salaries and total throughput. Projections for the future impact were also made based on expected growth in airport operations. These studies were conducted for:
  • Manchester Airport, New Hampshire
  • Norfolk International Airport, Norfolk Virginia
  • Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport
PROJECT: Airport Passenger Surveys, Various Locations
DESCRIPTION: A survey of departing passengers was conducted to determine the satisfaction with the services rendered at the airport locations and the characteristics of the travelers. Surveys were conducted at boarding gates prior to the announcement of the flight. Passengers were interviewed by trained personnel to determine their attitudes and interests. Airports surveyed include:
  • Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International, Florida
  • Miami International, Florida
  • Lambert Field, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Palm Beach International, Florida
  • Tampa International, Florida

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