Utilities Case study

PROJECT: Utility Service Assessment - Plantation
DESCRIPTION: Preparation of an assessment for property owners to meet the costs of extending utility lines in the City of Plantation. The analysis considered the proper allocation of costs to those users generating the demand. Allocations were made on a fair share of the capital costs for each segment of the project. Also included was a mechanism for time payments by residential users.
PROJECT: Okeechobee Area Water and Sewer Task Force
DESCRIPTION: This project was completed for a task force comprised of three different entities including: the City of Okeechobee, Okeechobee Beach Water Association and Okeechobee County. The assignment goal was to evaluate water and sewer options for the area by analyzing three different scenarios for the configuration for provision of utilities. Responsibilities include evaluation of the current debt ratio, future debt service ratio, bondability coverage test, and developing estimated rates for each scenario.
PROJECT: Program Management, Broward County Wastewater Plant Expansion Project
DESCRIPTION: Responsible for financial analysis associated with the program management for the Broward County Utility System Construction Plan. The project includes assistance in the overall scheduling, planning and coordination program. Specific duties include the review of the program budget and coordination of the financing plan. Responsibilities in this area include monitoring the overall budget and scheduling fund sources and disbursements.
PROJECT:  Utility Rate Studies, Various Locations

DESCRIPTION:  Development of a retail rate structure for public utility systems to generate sufficient funds to meet financial obligations and properly operate the system.  The rate structures are based on equity of the system where customers pay a fair share of the cost of operations and fixed costs (Debt Service).  Other analyses have included Connection Fees, Reserve Capacity Fees, Water Reuse and Wholesale Customers.
Projects include:

  • Sunrise, Florida
  • Deerfield Beach, Florida
  • Avon Park, Florida
  • Acme Improvement District, Wellington, Florida
  • Tequesta, Florida
  • Lake Placid, Florida
  • Longwood, Florida

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